17 Mar

The wind blew me towards the mud-filled street, full of people walking about in the early morning. I fluttered with the help of the breeze and swirled above their heads, like a ballerina doomed to dance forever. 

 One gigantic foot rose and stomped down on me, leaving a grimy smell of rubber. The foot let go and I ascended, moving across the road into Ladbroke Grove station.   Stairs stood in front of me, an obstacle I didn’t want to face. The wind had other plans for me. Sighing, I floated upwards; the wind is the master of me. As it dropped, I was left stranded on the yellow lines of the platform’s edge. A whizz of blue, red and white sent me flying off into the air. 

 The sky was getting dark now, an inky black curtain covering the brilliant sunset. The smell of aromatic flowers made me feel giddy, and a pigeon swooped down like an aeroplane in a nosedive and picked me up like I was an insignificant piece of cargo. The pigeon held me tightly in its claw and meandered through alleyways until it came to a stop.

  A sneaky shadow wielding a spray can creeped across the clearing and stopped in from of the wall. There was a brilliant flash of neon green spitting from the can. A light show of vibrant colour coated the wall, accompanied by a soft sound like a thousand whispers at the same time.   

A pleasant breeze brushed past me, warning me there was more to come. As if on cue, a gale came bearing down on me; I floated into the air.