Liv L. Othen


Liv L. Othen is the creator of BTE. She had the idea of it while she was in Canada on holiday. She could not enjoy her holiday because of she saw all the bad things happening around her. So she thought, "I have to do something!" so, she did. With some help of her family and friends, she created this charity. She moved to London and attended an awesome school. There, she met lots of new friends, and had even more people joining her charity. Her motto is: "You are never too small to make a difference." She wants to remind everyone that if you try really hard, you will make it to the future.

Liam Othen

Executive Assistant

Liam Othen is Liv's little brother. He was the first one Liv hired when she first started it. Liam already hired five people into his department. Liam's motto is: "Live a great life and die a great death."

Andrea Lee

Head of Website/Blog

Andrea Lee is Liv L. Othen's Mom. She has really supported Liv L. Othen when she needed it the most. Andrea's motto is: "The future is ours to shape"

Talia A

Creative Department

Talia A is a kind and trustworthy person. She is a friend of Liv L. Othen while she was in Singapore. They both went to an other awesome school, and had lots and lots of fun. Her motto is: "Family isn't the people you share blood with but the people you love."