I'm sure that you've heard of COP 28. COP stands for Conference Of the Parties. Which is when big leaders meet together and discuss the problems in the world. Every year they meet up somewhere different, like this year they are meeting up in Dubai (UAE). This years topic is Water Scarcity.
7 in 10 people have running water in their homes. It does not mean clean water, but it is running water from the tap. In the next few decades, all of that will change. We will soon be at Day Zero.

What is Day Zero you ask? It is when we do not have enough water to supply all the human beings on the planet. Soon, Sydney, Harare, Sao Paulo, Phoenix, Beijing, Kabul, New Delhi, Cape Town, Cairo and London will all face their own Day Zero, if nothing is to be done about it. Cape Town (South Africa) faced its near miss on Day Zero in 2018. The water was almost gone, and people had 250ml of water each day. They had to collect their water at a local station and bring that water back. But, they people of Cape town were hopeful. They pushed back Day Zero, and was more mindful of how they were using water.

However, we still conserve our water. Here is a list of stuff you need to do:
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.
  • Take a bath once a month and do showers more regularly
  • Take showers that are three minutes or under.
  • Use rainwater to water plants
  • Spread the word!