Juicy L (Yuyi L)

Creative Department

Juicy L is a kind and chatty person. She is a friend of Liv L. Othen while she was in Singapore. They both went to an other awesome school, and had lots and lots of fun. her motto is "I saw a good one. Dance is art, paint your dream and follow it"

Paul Othen

Business Development

Paul Othen is Liv L. Othen's Dad. He has really supported Liv L. Othen when she needed it the most. his motto is: "Be ready for anything"

Francisco Campos Meres

Advertisement & Sales

Francisco likes designing stuff. He does not like marshmallows. He likes space and he absolutely loves anteaters. his motto is: 'When life seems hard, there is a way around it.'

Alexandra Koes

Head of Advertisement/Money/Prep

Alexandra was born in Singapore, meeting Liv when they were two. Each of them had a dream to help and change the world. Her mother was in advertising, so she choose to do that too. She had an interest in astronomy and gymnastics. Her motto is "If you have a dream, the only thing holding you back is yourself," and she says to never give up.