A Wonderful Eco-friendly Artificial Garden

Far away, 10,841 kilometres away from the United Kingdom, to be exact, lies the great nation of Singapore. Known as the Lion City and Garden City, it has multiple modern wonders, including: Marina Bay Sands, Jewel Changi Airport, Sky Habitat, The Art Science Museum, and many more. But I am going to focus on a garden. An architectural feat, a place to relax, where kids can have fun, and awesome plants. Ladies and Gentleman, may I present, Gardens By The Bay! Gardens By The Bay has tons of magical wonders including: Cloud Forest, The Flower Dome, and The Supertree Grove! 
The Cloud Forest is an amazing modern design and technological achievement. It was created to look like and feel like you are inside a real forest, a tropical, cool, environment. Waterfalls hang from mountains covering the strong metal structure hidden beneath like an exo-skeleton. Green loopy vines wrap around and hang from the ceiling coming from all different directions. Like cloud forests in their natural habitat, The Cloud Forest simulates the real environment. While outside is 30 degrees celsius, the temperature in The Cloud Forest falls between 8 and 20 degrees!
Next to The Cloud Forest is The Flower Dome, which is famous for being the largest glass greenhouse in the world! 19,000 different species and over a million plants and trees!  Flowers cover the ground like a colourful blanket. From cacti to hydrangeas, The Flower Dome has a vast variety of tropical plants and exotic trees from all over the world. It is truly a modern marvel.
I know what you’re thinking. Why is Gardens By the Bay a modern wonder? You could go to a normal garden and chill. Why is this more wondrous? Well, does your garden or park have 82 feet tall metal trees with vines, plants, flowers, and leaves hanging on it? Well, I’ll bet my buttons it doesn’t. The Supertree Grove is my absolute favourite! The way it was built is incredibly creative and very well planned. The architects wove vines on the Supertrees, predicting that by 2030 they will have grown to the top, competing for natural sunlight. At night, it is lit in many different colours and you can see the stars in the observatory at the top! You wouldn’t see that in a normal park! 
Perhaps what makes The Gardens By The Bay one of the most modern wonders of the world is that it was designed to be a living, ever-lasting ecosystem in the middle of a modern city. It promotes sustainability, educates people about the importance of the environment and will continue to inspire for generations to come. 
Now, I’m sure you’d like to visit The Gardens By The Bay on your next holiday! It should be top of the list as a modern wonder of the world, for its architectural and technical design, phenomenal beauty, and eco-friendly purpose.