Should We Use Plastic?

There is no doubt that plastic is part of our modern lives. it is in just about everything and we couldn't make many of the products that we make with out it. However, this leaves us a problem. What happens to the plastic after we have no more use for it? Much of the plastic ends up in a landfill, and this is very bad for the environment. This is moral dilemma.

Plastic is very hard to live without. think of all the things we use made out of plastic. Toys, water bottles, packaging and much more. Plastic water bottles are very good for everything. Plastic is waterproof, light weight, and very cheap. Without it lego and dolls wouldn't exist. Plastic bags are stretchy and light weight. Even the aglets on the tip of your laces are plastic. The outside of your glasses too! Without plastic you could not thread your laces or not be able to mould your glasses so it's comfortable. These are the good things, but what are the bad?

Plastic is bad because after you throw away your plastic bottle it leads to a a landfill which the wind blows it in the river. Consequently, it creates the great pacific Garbage patch is an amazing 1m km squared. It's the size of Texas! If we don't be more careful now, the entire pacific ocean is going to be covered in rubbish! Plastic hurts animals too! Whale and sea turtles eat jellyfish. Every so often a whale or a sea turtle mistakes a plastic bag for a jellyfish, and ends up dying for eating plastic. Further more, plastic is bad for animals and the environment.