21 Apr
Helping The World: How Do We Raise Money?

Well, There is a lot of ways we help the world. 

here is a short list:

1. Sales. 

If you want to have a bake sale I recommend you sell cookies. Me and my friends did a bake sale for cancer research. We sold cookies banana bread and cheese balls. We ended up with 837.90 Pounds!

2. Charity Run.

3. Do lots of chores. (if you get allowance) 

4. Plant Trees. 

If you have a community garden or a back yard, I suggest you plant some trees. Trees make the air cleaner by sucking up carbon dioxide or green house gases.

5. Donate food to the food banks.

For every bit of food you give, that is one life saved.

If you. have more ideas, please share!

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